Uses for Our Heating Technology

With ways to apply to almost any surface, SmartPaint offers versatility as well as convenient, fast-heating technology. All you need is an electric current to turn any surface into a heater.

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Low-Temperature Uses

Requiring very little electricity, low-voltage (12V) versions of SmartPaint technology can be used to melt snow and ice, as well as increase comfort, such as by heating car seats.


SafeTstep makes it simple to keep stairs clear of snow and ice when the weather gets cold. When applied to steps, it can not only melt snow, it can also prevent it from accumulating – improving safety and eliminating the need for salt that ends up tracked all over the house. In addition to working as a deicer, SafeTstep can also be equipped with lighting to boost safety all year round.

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HeatTape is a thin-film, low-voltage application of the SmartPaint heating technology. Also useful for dealing with cold-weather precipitation, HeatTape can be applied to a wide variety of areas, including roofing, gutters, downspouts, patios and valet areas. It can also be applied under an asphalt coating to melt snow on walkways.


High-Temperature Uses

SmartPaint can also be used in high-temperature settings, such as appliances and industrial environments. It offers great adaptability, as it can be used on a substantial number of surfaces, including:

  • Ceramic
  • Composite
  • Concrete
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood

How it Works

SmartPaint is applied just like regular paint, which means the concentration of heat can be adjusted in different sections of the coated area. This makes it possible to accommodate complex geometries, mass differences and other idiosyncrasies of the heated surface. Other highlights of the product include:

Ability to operate in either AC or DC, with very little performance difference

Easy thermal control due to precise manipulation by power applied

Low mass and close surface contact to avoid temperature overshoots

Conductive and appropriate for electrostatic discharge

Low cost per square foot and high efficiency, reducing operating costs

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