Smart Paint

Advanced Technology to Advance the World

Advanced Technology to Advance the World

Our Technology

Transform the Way the World Works

Our unmatched, multifunctional nanotechnology allows what you make to be truly innovative.

The best minds in industry — the engineers, the chemists, the visionaries — understand the revolutionary power of this technology, and our proprietary formula and expertise allow it to be harnessed in a way never seen before. The range of potential applications is staggering.

You can heat faster at just a fraction of the power and weight. It protects against erosion and electromagnetic interference while also dissipating static charge. It’s safe, powerful, reliable, and sprayable, so it can be applied to complex geometries. That’s unparalleled versatility.

From more efficient household products and vehicles to wind turbines and satellites protected from the elements, you now have a powerful, sustainable, and inspiring solution that will transform the way the world works and improve people’s lives.


Unparalleled expertise and years of research drive our powerful, game-changing solutions.

SmartPaint Solutions’ Lead Scientist, Dr. Kyle Kissell, studied at Rice University in pursuit of finding the best way to harness the vast potential of nanotechnology. He studied under Dr. Richard Smalley, world-renowned as the “Father of Nanotechnology,” who earned a Nobel Prize for his discovery of a new form of carbon called buckminsterfullerene (aka “buckyballs”) and pioneered advanced work with carbon nanotubes.

After extensive experimentation, Dr. Kissell perfected a formula and the ideal process for applying carbon nanotubes in a way that tremendously enhances a treated surface’s functionality. He has spent more than 15 years developing its application to improve material performance.

Faster, lighter, more efficient, and multifunctional... 
Just imagine what you can do.


SmartPaint Functionalities

Simply unmatched performance.
Our technology uses 60% less power with 90% less weight while heating 70% faster. It adheres to complex geometries that can be either rigid or flexible and can be utilized for both low- and high-wattage applications, reaching temperatures up to 700°F with high control. Wherever heat can go, we improve it.

Flexible armor that’s stronger than steel.
With 14x performance improvement over non-coated composites, it provides a nano-scale barrier against particulates. Our functional pigments are 400x stronger than steel — it’s like trying to get a soccer ball through a titanium chain link fence. Our technology provides truly exceptional solid-particle erosion protection that can be applied to any type of geometry.

Super lightweight and tested by the best.
Materials coated with our technology are demonstrated to weigh 95% less and be 88% as effective as solid aluminum plates of the same size at shielding electromagnetic energy (103.53dB vs. 91.57dB). Tested at the Air Force Research Laboratory, our proprietary formula and process also allows you to tune the EMI shielding to block specific frequencies.

Inherently dissipates charge and 99.998% lighter.

Owing to the inherent conductivity of carbon nanotubes, our super lightweight coating absorbs and dissipates electric charge like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s nearly as conductive as copper while weighing only 1/10th of an ounce per square foot vs. 5.78 lbs per square foot of an equivalent amount of copper. At a fraction of the cost of alternatives, our powerful, affordable technology is proven effective at dissipating lightning strikes like a Faraday cage.