Turn Any Surface Into a Heater

SmartPaint coatings are compatible with almost any surface. This design flexibility allows almost limitless possibilities and functionality, and allows us to provide tailored solutions in a number of markets.

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Markets We Serve

SmartPaint products have been industry-validated and excelled in a variety of market sectors, with uses ranging from snow/ice melt to personal care appliances. We have tested and proven applications in several markets, including:

Food Service
Personal Care Appliances
Automotive and Specialty Vehicle

SmartPaint Product Uses

We at SmartPaint Solutions are continually studying new areas in which our products can be applied, and developing prototypes to serve those markets.

Heat Conduction

Your imagination and our engineering can create completely new ways of heating the world.


  • Low: Used for snow and ice melt.
  • Warm: For creature comfort, vehicles, equipment and more.
  • Hot: For appliances and industrial use.

Apply SmartPaint Anywhere

Flexibility makes SmartPaint perfect for multiple uses. It’s compatible with almost any surface; both our light and heat coatings can be applied to hard and flexible surfaces and in complex geometries. SmartPaint coatings are also:

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Operating in the field and not just in the lab.


Selected in stage-gate reviews against competing alternatives for radiant heat.


But so new to the world that exclusivity by industry is available with license and fee agreements.