Paint Smarter: Industrial Coatings for Heat & Light

SmartPaint holds exclusive, worldwide licenses for patented, advanced industrial coatings that use electrical currents to generate heat and light. Our technology aims to change the way the world works – or at least the way it gets heat and light.


Our Revolutionary Technology

SmartPaint now has the capability to coat any surface, precisely control its temperature and illuminate it with surprisingly little energy. Because both the lighting and heating systems are applied with conventional HVLP spraying tools and cured at room temperature, these systems are commercially viable.

Custom for You

Our team will work with you to design custom applications for your specific needs.  Just tell us what temperature you need to achieve and how much power is available to get there, and we’ll design the solution including the right control mechanisms for optimal efficiency and safety. These customized solutions give you the ability to combine heat, light and insulation in entirely unique ways.

Working Across Industries

From consumer goods to transportation, we’ve already developed a number of product solutions for various industries and are ready to help create custom solutions for your specific needs. In addition to the industries we currently serve, we’re always working on ways to break into others with our radiant warmth and lighting technologies.

Our Markets

Our Team

Lance Criscuolo

Advisory Board

Andy Dickson

CEO & Founder

Bret Gould

Product Design

Dr. Kyle Kissell


Pete Stojanovski


If you’re interested in finding out what SmartPaint can do for you and your business, please reach out to us today! We always appreciate the chance to talk about what our products can accomplish.

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