Versatile, High-Tech Paint to Generate Heat

At SmartPaint, we’ve created heat coatings that can be sprayed onto virtually any surface. When electricity is applied, you get completely controllable energy. Simply put, SmartPaint lets you put heat wherever you need it.

How SmartPaint Works










Highly efficient, corrosion-resistant and lightweight, SmartPaint produces heat when an electric current is applied. Our HeetCoat efficiently heats almost any surface in hundreds of applications. Implementing it is simple, since it is applied and cured at room temperature using conventional paint spraying equipment. Just 10 watts of power can create up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit of heat – a major difference for a huge number of cases!

Our Heating  Products

Our product offerings range from low-voltage, low-temperature uses for such tasks as melting snow, to high-voltage, high-temperature industrial applications. A consistent element of everything we make is that it adheres easily to most surfaces, including concrete, metal, glass and composite. Our thin-film Peel-N-Heat heaters use 60% less power than competing alternatives, reduce manufacturing time and weigh 90% less.  These advantages not only improve existing products, they also make entirely new products possible.


SafeTstep is our innovative, low-voltage  design for keeping stairs well-lit and free of ice and snow. Using as little as 12 Volts, this safety-enhancing product can be used by construction companies, property managers and individual homeowners alike. By melting existing snow and ice and preventing further accumulation, SafeTstep is a convenient means of making steps less dangerous in the wintertime, and lighting keeps them safe all year round.

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Innovative Applications

Our electrically charged coatings have uses in a vast array of different industries, saving time, energy and money everywhere they are implemented. Industries we serve include:

  • Appliances & Personal Care Products
  • Automotive & Specialty Vehicle
  • Construction & Homebuilding
  • Food Service, Delivery & Preparation

About Our Company

SmartPaint Solutions works with companies and organizations all over the world to improve their products, save energy and enable entirely new products. If our standard Peel-N-Heat thin-film heaters or HeatTape products aren’t quite the right fit for your needs, our team will design custom solutions for you, finding ways to bring heat to unexpected places.

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